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By Gurminder K. Bhambra, Ipek Demir

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For another analysis of the Millennial Generation, see Howe and Strauss (2000). In this chapter, I use the ‘1960s’ as a shorthand term for the three decades of youth activism beginning in the 1950s with the Civil Rights Movement and continuing into the 1970s with the feminist and gay and lesbian movements. The 1960s constitutes the peak of political activity for this period. A brief synopsis of the events of 1968 includes the following: on 31 January, the Viet Cong opened the Tet Offensive by attacking major cities in south Vietnam, a move that triggered President Lyndon B.

Outsiders can see phases of quiescence or ‘peace’ as evidence for the death of a movement yet such periods may signal a different phase. For a discussion of this concept applied to the US women’s movement, see Taylor (1989). 20. Before I discuss education and its relationship to freedom and African American freedom struggle, I want to provide an interpretive framework. For one, African American thinkers often use the construct of freedom to describe the broad array of political activities within African American thought and politics.

Several papers presented at the 1968: Impact and Implications Conference that catalysed this volume examined this question of particular expressions of youth activism in different national settings. 1057/9780230250857 - 1968 in Retrospect, Edited by Gurminder K Bhambra and Ipek Demir 2 Lynne Segal It is rather amazing to be at a celebration of 1968 that begins, and also ends, with reflections by feminists on women’s position in the Sixties. Certainly, it is usually not women who are highlighted in reflections upon what became the iconic year of that momentous decade.

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