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By James S. Grotstein

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The scope of this paintings is to synopsize, synthesize, expand, and to problem Bion in a reader-friendly demeanour. offering crucial legacy-ideas for psychoanalysis—the principles which are at the leading edge of the sector that have to be identified by way of the psychological healthiness occupation at large—it highlights and defines the wider and deeper implications of his works.

A Beam of excessive Darkness provides Bion’s principles faithfully and likewise makes use of his principles as launching pads for the author’s conjectures approximately the place Bion's rules aspect. This contains such rules as “the Language of Achievement”, “reverie,” “truth,” “O,” and “transformations”–in, of, and from it, but in addition “ L,” “H,” and “K” linkages (to convey how Bion rerouted Freud’s instinctual drives to emotions), “container/contained", Bion’s rules on “dreaming,” “becoming,” “thoughts and not using a thinker,” “the Grid,” his erasure of the excellence among Freud’s, “primary and secondary strategies “ and the “pleasure” and “reality principles,” “reversible perspective,” “shifting vertices,” “binocular vision,” “contact-barrier,” the substitute of “consciousness” and “unconsciousness” with infinity and finiteness, Bion’s use of versions, his contrast among “mentalization” and “thinking,” in addition to many different goods.

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He was capable of turning ideas on end and seeing them from many different perspectives (vertices). He often cited the exploits of Field Marshal Slim, who won the Malaysian War against a vastly superior Japanese Army by the technique of shifting perspectives in his strategy against them. Some of his other tools included models like “α-function”, “α- and β-elements”, and the “gastrointestinal tract” and the “synapse” as two different models for transformation. Bion may not have sufficiently realized how he had not only revolutionized psychoanalytic metapsychology and brought it back into alignment with nineteenth-century metaphysics and twentiethcentury ontology (existentialism), he had also perforated the proud mystique of “objectivity” that had been so sacred to logical-positivistic, deterministic science—the “scientific” Establishment that had so intimidated Freud and with which, in my opinion, he submissively 24 A BEAM OF INTENSE DARKNESS identified.

He seemed, at least to me, an Englishman of another age—perhaps Edwardian—in manner. He was always polite, but one suspected, as one of his Tavistock colleagues AN INTRODUCTION 23 suggested, that “He was miles behind his face”. His style in lecturing was interesting. He always spoke without notes. ” He hinted, suggested, and implied but would never pontificate. In his analytic as well as in his published works one quickly detects his unique capacity for keen observation. It was as if he could see through the camouflage of long-established symbols and icons and detect the deeper and more meaningful substance that lurked behind them.

I do not believe one can appreciate his works without having a familiarity with Kleinian ideas, such as the relationship between the paranoid–schizoid and depressive positions (P–S ↔ D), persecutory and depressive anxieties, the archaic part-object Oedipus complex (Kleinian version), greed, envy, and splitting and projective identification. I recall many of Bion’s interpretations that were essentially Kleinian part-object interventions. I remember the session, for instance, in which, upon beginning the session, I exclaimed how happy I was.

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