A Critical Dictionary of Sociology by Raymond Boudon, Francois Bourricaud PDF

By Raymond Boudon, Francois Bourricaud

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Unlike so much different sociology or social technological know-how dictionaries, during this translation of the Critical Dictionary of Sociology, taken from the second one French version of the Dictionary and edited through the English sociologist Peter Hamilton, the severe price of this detailed paintings is ultimately made to be had for a much broader audience.

Each access grapples at once with a topic, no matter if theoretical, epistemological, philosophical, political or empirical, and offers a powerful assertion of what the authors give it some thought. The discussions are thought of yet argumentative.  by way of reaffirming non-marxist variety of critique continues to be attainable, Boudon and Bourricaud have provided a particular method of the most important matters which confront the societies of the 20th and Twenty-First centuries.

For a few this paintings should be a textbook, for others an necessary sourcebook of sociological recommendations, and for many a manner of establishing our eyes to new dimensions in our knowing of the good principles and theories of sociology.

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It is possible, if necessary, to use the classic concept of human nature to characterize these invariant elements. It is because there is a nature common to all that a Frenchman of the twentieth century can understand the suicide of an Eskimo. A fourteenth-century monk and an American commercial traveller of the nineteenth century belong to different social contexts. But if it is in principle possible to understand their actions, it is very necessary that they should conform to these invariant elements.

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The fact that the concept of action may define the atom of sociological analysis should not condemn sociology to subjectivism in any way. A sociological theory can undergo the procedures of ‘critical rationality’, in the sense that Popper gives to the term, in absolutely identical fashion to the ways in which Action 17 they are applied to natural sciences, which implicitly define the concept of scientific knowledge. The Weberian theory of action is a means of concluding a famous debate, begun in Germany by Droysen and Dilthey, which has continued up to the present day (cf.

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