A Good Tale and a Bonnie Tune (Texas Folklore Society by Mody C. Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson, Allen Maxwell PDF

By Mody C. Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson, Allen Maxwell

Good stories are represented during this quantity through Frank Dobie and through Riley Aiken, Roger Abrahams, and Kenneth Goldstein. additionally incorporated are E. Bagby Atwood who analyzes the diversities of the cacophonous customized of the charivari or shivaree because it has been saw in numerous occasions and areas. George D. Hendricks compares types of the foundation and nature of lady, and John Q. Anderson surveys origins of movement names, between different issues coated during this volume.

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Juan returned to the stables, and his friend, the one of seven colors, observed his sadness. " asked the horse. "Don't worry, we shall manage somehow. " The fish appeared and was asked to help find the ring. And in less time than it takes to say santiamén, Juan held the tumbaga in his hand. " "No," said the princess. " And again the king issued a bando, but no one knew where to seek the Water of Life. And again Juan's brothers sought to destroy him. The king sent for him and gave him three days to find a flask of el Agua de la Vida.

I am your suerte," she said. "You can thank my long siesta for those fine clothes you wear. " he asked. "Don't blame me. " She directed him to a hermit who lived in a cave some leagues away. This old man referred him to one older yet; and the latter, in turn, sent him farther into the mountains to the oldest hermit in the land. "I have come to ask you the directions to El Destino," said Juan. "Young man, I have lived in these parts for a mighty long time and I'm sorry that I can't help you. Yet, I rule the birds of the air; and if you will wait until sunup I'll call them in; and, perhaps, one of them knows about this El Destino," said the third and oldest hermit.

Mount, close your eyes, lift the reins, and we shall go fetch the fine-feathered bird. Now, when we get to the morisma, we shall give a few vueltas about the plaza. When you see the Moors with their eyes closed, beware. " They went about the square until all the Moors had their eyes open. Then Juan stole the Pájaro Cu, golden cage and all (con toi jaula de oro), closed his eyes, lifted the reins, and was soon home again at the palace. The king was in the corral when Juan returned. "Take the bird to the princess," he ordered.

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A Good Tale and a Bonnie Tune (Texas Folklore Society Publications Series, 32) by Mody C. Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson, Allen Maxwell

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