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Desired thread depth. The worm then is rotated slowly with the rotating cutter being moved simultaneously on an axis parallel to that of the worm according to the threadlead. The thread is complete whenthe worm has rotated slightly more than one revolution. 6 Worm thread grinding the indexing automatically. The surface finish of threads is a function of the number of gashesin the hob. The more gashes, betterthesurface the finish. For this reason, this of type hobis made as large as possible to allow a maximum number of gashes.

Licensed by Information Handling Services A G H A 6022-C 93 m m Ob87575 0003424 4 T 5 ANSVAGMA 6022-C93 where RA is the bearingA radial load, lbs (N); RE is the bearing B radial load, lbs (N); W, is the worm separating force,lbs (N); W,, is the worm thrust force, lbs (N); W, is the worm tangential force, lbs (N); dm is the worm mean diameter, in (mm); I is thebearing span, in (mm); A isthedistancefrompitchpoint to bearing B, in (mm). ANSI/AGMA6034-B92. If calculated worm bending stresses exceed the allowable values, the worm design must be revised to provide a larger worm root diameter or a smaller pressure angle.

The dies, much largerin diameter than the worm, have hardened and ground threads and a pitch diameter that is a multiple of the worm being Worms with very small lead angles can be milled the dies are made with faster by using multiple form milling cutters having rolled. Because of their size, multiple threads to obtain the same lead angle as several rows of teeth having no lead. Sincemetal is displacedratherthan teeth are spaced axially one axial pitch apart. The removed to form the threads on the worm, accurate cutter axis is set parallel to that of the worm.

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