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By C. G. Jung

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5 lengthy essays that hint Jung's constructing curiosity in alchemy from 1929 onward. An creation and complement to his significant works at the topic, illustrated with forty two patients' drawings and work.

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T h e y becom e an inexplicable source of d istu rb a n ce w hich we finally assum e m u st exist som ew here outside ourselves. T h e re ­ su lta n t p ro jectio n creates a dangerous situ a tio n in th a t the dis­ tu rb in g effects are now a ttrib u te d to a w icked w ill outside o u r­ selves, w hich is n a tu ra lly n o t to be fo u n d anyw here b u t w ith o u r n e ig h b o u r de Vautre cote de la riviere. T h is leads to collective delusions, “in cid en ts,” revolutions, w ar— in a w ord, to destruc­ tive mass psychoses.

A cco rd in g to th e H u i M i n g C h in g j this effect belongs to th e p e c u lia r p h e ­ n o m e n a of C hinese yoga. I t says: “ Every separate th o u g h t takes shape an d becom es visible in c o lo u r a n d form . T h e to tal s p irit­ u al pow er unfolds its traces. . 2 T h is w ould b e a schizophrenic process if it w ere to becom e a p e rm a n e n t state. T h e re fo re th e H u i M i n g C hi ng j as th o u g h w a rn in g th e ad ep t, con tin u es: “T h e shapes fo rm ed by th e sp iritfire are only em pty colours a n d form s.

I sim ply experim ented on a faculty . . b eing seated at my w riting-table the w h ile in order to record the results as they came, and resolved to retain m y hold on my outer and circum ferential consciousness, n o m atter how far to­ wards my inner and central consciousness I m ight go. For I knew n ot w hether I should be able to regain the former if I once quitted m y h old of it, or to recollect the facts of the experience. A t length I achieved my object, though only by a strong effort, the tension occasioned by the endeavour to keep both extrem es of the conscious­ ness in view at once being very great.

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