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By M.P. Wiedeman (Auth.)

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Vascular anatomy of a villus. This diagram demonstrates spatial relationship of micro vessels within a villus. MA, main arteriole; DAE, distributing arteriole entrance; DA, distributing arteriole; P C , precapillary sphincter; 2V, second order venule; and CV, collecting venule. ) II. Visceral Organs 39 TABLE 3 . 6 14 11 8 From Bohlen and Gore (1976). Systemic arterial pressure was 100- 110 mm Hg. Data are expressed as mean ± SE. C. Mesentery 1. Cat The mesentery, a thin sheet of tissue which suspends the intestines and helps hold them in place, is traversed by large arterial vessels that supply blood to the intestinal wall.

Micro vasculature of Specific Organs and Tissues Fig. 3 . 1 0 . Corrosion Mercox preparation of an arteriole in the left ventricle of cat heart. Bar = 100 μπι. ) Although information regarding the microvasculature of the myocardium is still incomplete, it is remarkable, in view of the extremely high density of capillaries, the thickness of the muscle, and the variations imposed by the rhyth­ mical contraction and relaxation of the heart, that a significant amount of descrip­ tive material has accumulated Combining the knowledge gained from studies of in vivo and in vitro preparations, it seems permissible to suggest that cardiac muscle shares numerous features in common with skeletal muscle.

Workers (1959) supplied information regarding the flow of blood in the pulmonary micro vessels. Arteriolar vessels show a pulsatile flow at times and a steady flow at others. The type of flow may vary between two arteriolar vessels arising from the same arteriole. Contraction and relaxation of the arterioles with frequent reversal of flow is not uncommon. Arteriolar diameter changes are more marked than changes in diameters of venules. It is postulated that the intermittance of blood flow in the pulmonary microvessels depends on spontaneous contractile activity of the investing smooth muscle cells rather than as a response to neural excitation.

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