An Introductory Dictionary of Lacanian Psychoanalysis - download pdf or read online

By Dylan Evans

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Publish 12 months note: First released may well 1st 1996 via Routledge

Jacques Lacan's pondering revolutionised the idea and perform of psychoanalysis and had a tremendous effect in fields as diversified as movie reviews, literary feedback, feminist thought and philosophy. but his writings are infamous for his or her complexity and idiosyncratic type.

Emphasising the scientific foundation of Lacan's paintings, An Introductory Dictionary of Lacanian Psychoanalysis is a perfect spouse to his principles for readers in each self-discipline the place his impression is felt.

The Dictionary features:
• over 2 hundred entries, explaining Lacan's personal terminology and his use of universal psychoanalytic expressions
• info of the ancient and institutional context of Lacan's work
• connection with the origins of significant techniques within the paintings of Freud, Saussure, Hegel and different key thinkers
• a chronology of Lacan's lifestyles and works.

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Pinel) conceived of mental illness as aliénation mentale, and a common term in French for ‘madman’ is aliéné (a term which Lacan himself uses; Ec, 154). ● Philosophy The term ‘alienation’ is the usual translation for the German term Entfremdung which features in the philosophy of Hegel and Marx. However, the Lacanian concept of alienation differs greatly from the ways that the term is employed in the Hegelian and Marxist tradition (as Jacques-Alain Miller points out; S11, 215). For Lacan, alienation is not an accident that befalls the subject and which can be transcended, but an essential constitutive feature of the subject.

Alienation is the imaginary as such’ (S3, 146). Although alienation is an essential characteristic of all subjectivity, psychosis represents a more extreme form of alienation. Lacan coined the term EXTIMACY to designate the nature of this alienation, in which alterity inhabits the innermost core of the subject. Lacan devotes the whole of chapter 16 of The Seminar, Book XI, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis (1964a) to a discussion of alienation and the related concept of separation.

Lacan argues that anxiety is the radical danger which the subject attempts to avoid at all costs, and that the various subjective formations encountered in psychoanalysis, from phobias to fetishism, are protections against anxiety (S4, 23). Anxiety is thus present in all neurotic structures, but is especially evident in phobia (E, 321). Even a phobia is preferable to anxiety (S4, 345); a phobia at least replaces anxiety (which is terrible precisely because it is not focused on a particular object but revolves around an absence) with fear (which is focused on a particular object and thus may be symbolically worked-through) (S4, 243–6).

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