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By Ruth Harrison

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A reprint of a booklet initially released in 1964, with new contributions surroundings a latest context. the unique publication is made out of 10 chapters overlaying and describing the tools of in depth farming of fowl and farm animals through the Nineteen Sixties. It was once aimed toward developing know-how in regards to the creation of animals below synthetic and destructive stipulations that be successful in factory-like installations. concentration is given on broiler chickens, fowl packing stations, battery birds, veal calves, foundation of caliber, volume as opposed to caliber and animal cruelty and laws. on hand In Print

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I suppose it to have been derived from the verb ‘to broil’, meaning to roast on a spit. For a long time many people confused the term with ‘boiler’, the boiling fowls – those wornout, aged birds. Whereas before the war the farmer bought in feeding stuffs, reared most of his own replacements and relied on his own proved market for his birds, the industry today is so huge that the individual farmer cannot operate without a link with other sections of the industry. So the hatchery gets its eggs from its own breeders, incubates them and sells the dayold chicks to contracted farms, which in turn rear the chicks for some 91–2 weeks and then sell them to packing stations, which in turn sell their stock to large retailers, mostly supermarkets.

Our own government does not think there is any danger. All the time, as I have shown later in the book, the incidence of degenerative diseases in man rises at an alarming pace. Now I am not suggesting that this increase is attributable wholly to factory farming methods, far from it, but I do suggest that there is a contributory hazard in the heavy, continuous and universal use of drugs in these systems through residues in the meat, and I cannot help wondering how thoroughly all the drugs are tested for their effect on man before being used.

The Financial Times, 24th August 1962, reported of the take-over: The Ross-Fairbairn merger, announced yesterday, completes a second revolution in the British broiler industry. The first, which occupied the ‘golden years’ from 1953 to 1960–61, saw the growth of very large processing concerns … as sales of table-ready birds grew from nothing to well over 100m. chickens a year. The new group, however, which will now dominate the industry, is the first which has been built up deliberately to integrate the whole production process from the hatchery to the packed and branded bird.

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