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Drawing at the most up-to-date examine in archaeozoology, archaeology, and molecular biology, Animals as Domesticates lines the heritage of the domestication of animals world wide. From the llamas of South the US and the turkeys of North the United States, to the livestock of India and the Australian dingo, this interesting publication explores the historical past of the complicated relationships among people and their household animals. With specialist perception into the organic and cultural methods of domestication, Clutton-Brock indicates how the human intuition for nurturing could have reworked relationships among predator and prey, and he or she explains how animals became partners, farm animals, and employees. The altering face of domestication is traced from the unfold of the earliest farm animals round the Neolithic previous international via old Egypt, the Greek and Roman empires, South East Asia, and as much as the fashionable commercial age.

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The site is dated to around 9,500 years ago, and as there is no fossil evidence for wild cats (Felis silvestris) on Cyprus, it is evident that the animal was brought to the island by human agency. 32 Proof that the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers of Switzerland kept a brown bear (Ursus arctos) tied up with a rope is evidenced by the finding of a lower jaw from the site of La Grande Rivoire in the northern Alps, dated to about 6,000 years ago. The bone is deformed in a way that shows that a thong had been tied around the jaw when the bear was a cub, and this had pushed the teeth out of position as they erupted.

THE CULTURAL PROCESS OF DOMESTICATION The term “culture” has had different meanings in different periods of history and depending on the part of human society to which it is being applied. In the eighteenth century the term was applied to the “improvement” by selective breeding of plants or animals. ” Frans de Waal gives this definition of culture: Culture is a way of life shared by the members of one group but not necessarily with the members of other groups of the same species. It covers knowledge, habits, and skills, including underlying tendencies and preferences, derived from exposure to and learning from others.

They lived in round stone dwellings, used stone pestles and mortars for grinding cereals, and buried their dead in stone-covered tombs. In one of these tombs at the entrance of a dwelling, the skeleton of an elderly human was found together with the skeleton of a puppy of between four and five months of age.

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