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Argos and Zingara are the dominant maritime international locations of the Hyborian age, risky, bloody and filthy rich. nice retailers problem the previous methods of feudalism and without notice one's abilities are as very important because the conditions of one's start. This quantity is split into 3 sections. the 1st is dedicated to Argos. With this part gamers can enterprise forth from the cosmopolitan buying and selling urban of Messantia (Messantia urban of Riches) into the encompassing lands of this nice southern coastal country. the second one part is dedicated to the particularly chivalrous country of Zingara. The 3rd half offers fabric that may be properly utilized in either countries. Adventures and adventurers aren't constrained to piracy and plunder at the excessive seas as variation principles for non-coastal Argosseans and Zingarans are integrated, in addition to culturally-specific roles for every personality classification for every kingdom. Gladiators are mentioned intimately and Fencing is given new principles to boot, supplying really expert wisdom abilities for rounding out the strive against features of Zingaran sword masters and Zingara's fencing faculties. The cult of Mitra is defined in formerly untold aspect in religion & Fervour, together with a brand new proposal to make the Mitraic faith crucial and colourful to avid gamers of Mitra's worshippers. Mitra is explored via seven Mysteries. As one learns the mysteries of Mitra, one profits in strength and figuring out of the universe. every one country can also be given an multiplied gazetteer. The towns have all been elevated intimately that might be just like GMs and avid gamers alike who've skilled Conan: Aquilonia, Flower of the West and Stygia - The Sands of demise.

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14,216 buildings total) Wealth Limit: 1,000,000 silver coins Ready Cash: 1,770,000,000 silver coins Government: Monarchy Income for King Milo: 885,000 silver coins Religion: Mitra Imports: Trade Goods Exports: Trade Goods, especially olive oil and wine, as well as currants, grapes, figs, citrus fruit and wheat. Sheep and goat raising, textile manufacturing and fishing are secondary imports. Code of Honour: Civilised Fortifications and Military Strength Messantia has no protective wall. It relies on the sea and its navy to protect it.

Khorotas River – This is Argos’ major river, running from Poitain through Ophir and emptying into the sea at Messantia. Although it cannot be navigated by large vessels because of the cataracts it passes through in Poitain, some goods can be moved along it once it is joined by the Tybor. Goods being transported to Messantia from the caravan route through Ophir are placed onto barges at the TyborKhorotas junction. The region around the Khorotas river is Argos’ most fertile area; its annual flooding brings soil from beautiful Poitain and its mountains.

Geography: Part of the Barachan Island archipelago. There are dangerous reefs making navigation difficult. Legend: Tortage is its own legend. Other legends tend to centre around the specific pirates who used to visit, including Tranicos, Bêlit, Amra and others. Ancients: Not far from Tortage, at a spot where the sea shelf drops into the ocean’s depths, there is an underwater Atlantean ruin guarded by a demon. Those able to swim that deep must make a Terror check (DC 15) when approaching. Current: Several pirate bands are always in harbour at any given time.

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