Ella Rodman Church's Artistic embroidery; containing practical instructions in PDF

By Ella Rodman Church

Артистическая вышивка; практические инструкции в декоративных ветвях рукоделия (1888)ПРИМЕРЫ :страница 1страница 2страница 3страница 4страница five

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It is made by bringing the thread through to the front of the work, and holding it in the left hand, four or five inches from the work needle being in the right hand; the thread is twisted two or three times around the needle as close to the work as possible; then the point is turned down into the material nearly, but not exactly, where the thread came up; the needle is pulled through to the other side, and the thread Fig. 20. Fig. 21. Fig. 22. drawn carefully till the knot is firm. The thread must be drawn round the needle close up to the work before the needle is pulled quite through, lest the knot should hang loose and spoil the effect.

The Moors of Spain have been especially celebrated for their rich and beautiful decorative work; and with them originated the custom of using tapestiy for curtains. Mohammed forbade his followers to imitate animals, or insects, in their ornamental work; and from this circumstance, the tei*m Arabesque, which represents their style of decoration, was used to express all odd combinations of patterns from which human and animal forms were excluded. Gold was introduced into these arabesques with the richest possible effect; and this style of design has never lost its popularity.

Silk may be substituted for the gold thread. ground of gray kid, with the figures in black edged with gold, would be equally suitable. On one side of the cover, a small cross to match the boi'der and on the other, the owner's monogram would make an appropriate finish for either book. The rich design in Figure 43 is on a foundation of black velvet, to which white faille is applied around the cross. The figui-es of the design being outlined, the lines are run on the edges with maize-colored silk going back and forth, and overcasting them with gold bullion.

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